Furniture Removal: How to Prevent Moving Accidents and Injuries

Furniture removal can be dangerous due to the weight and bulk of the pieces. Therefore, if you are planning to move house, choose professional movers for the task. This choice will minimise the risk of accidents during the process. Keep in mind that furniture handling mishaps will cause significant injuries and property damage. If you are set on handling the removal without expert help, use these simple tips to ensure personal safety.

Choose the Equipment

You should find the right equipment for handling the furniture to minimise strain. Manual lifting without support can increase the risk of stress injuries on the back, arms and legs. The type of equipment to use will depend on the size and shape of the furniture. If you have heavy pieces, choose a furniture dolly to push the loads around. For lighter items, you can use lifting straps for better support. Additionally, use a furniture slider to minimise the need for lifting.

Measure the Pieces

The dimensions of the furniture can be a limiting factor during removal. If you move items through narrow spaces, the risk of hand injuries such as sprains and scrapes will be high. Therefore, understand the size of your furniture to prevent injuries related to tight manoeuvres. Also, measure the doors, stairways and corridors in your house. The goal is to compare the sizes and shapes and determine the best route for taking out your furniture.

Consider Disassembly

Inspect your furniture with care and determine if disassembly is possible. You can avoid accidents related to the heavy weight and large size of your loads by separating them into smaller pieces. If you have an assembly manual, you can use it to determine how to take apart your furniture. Alternatively, check the online resources available from the manufacturer. When disassembling your furniture, make sure to keep track of the bolts and nuts. Additionally, take pictures to avoid confusion when reassembling.

Eliminate Clutter

Finally, you should eliminate the clutter around your house before handling the furniture. Keep in mind that the large size of most loads will obscure your vision. Therefore, you could trip if the floors are not clear, and it could be dangerous with the heavy weight. If possible, pack up everything else in your house first to maximise the space for manoeuvring. Make sure the floors are clear and wipe any wet spots on the floor to prevent slippage. In addition, follow your planned route to avoid unexpected obstacles when removing the furniture.

For more information, contact a furniture removal service near you.