How To Protect Your Items During Removals

One of your worries when moving your home or office is the safety of your items. Fragile items such as ceramics and furniture could break or get scratches. Below are some tips to ensure your items arrive in their original state. 

Work With a Reputable Removalist

It is probably the most vital aspect of any successful move. An experienced removalist will conduct a home inspection to know the nature and number of items you intend to move. It also allows him or her to examine the condition of your electronics, furniture and other home fittings. It helps prevent disputes after the removals. The professional will also advise how to prepare your items for transport. For example, you should unplug your fridge or freezer, remove all food items and give the equipment sufficient time to defrost. The removalist may also inquire whether you have the original cartons use to package your home theatre, TV and kitchen appliances such as the microwave. It is a sure way to protect these items during removals.  

The removalist has specialist equipment to move and protect your items during loading and unloading. For instance, trollies, furniture dollies and straps will safely move your items to and from the removals truck. The removalist will dismantle your furniture to avoid the risk of breakages during transport. He or she will pack glassware and ceramics in firm boxes and use padding to prevent the items from coming into contact with each other or moving around during transport. Electricals and furniture could be wrapped in special blankets to prevent scratches and provide cushioning during removals. Reinforced plastic wardrobes will prevent your suits and favourite dresses from getting creased during the removals.

Removals Insurance

A removals insurance policy ensures compensation in case of damages or breakages as the removalist packs, moves and unpacks your items. Although most removalists provide the cover, it is vital to check its terms and limits. For instance, items packed by the customer may be exempt from the cover. Check the insurance liabilities. While an indemnity cover will calculate compensation based on the item's current value (depreciation included), a new-for-old policy will provide compensation based on the item's current market price.  

Protecting Expensive Items

Most removalists do not transport valuable and fragile items such as jewellery, cash boxes, artwork and irreplaceable collector items. Preferably, you should hire a reputable security company to transport these items to your new premises.  

You no longer have to worry about the safety of your items as you move your home or office. Work with a reputable removalist, take a removals insurance cover and hire a secure company to move your valuables. For more information, reach out to local removalists