A Guide on Portable Storage Containers

Do you need temporary storage space? Well, you should consider portable storage containers. Below is a comprehensive guide on portable storage containers. 

How do Portable Storage Units Work? 

Portable storage companies provide storage and removal services to their clients. The company will bring a storage container to your home and pick it up when you no longer require storage services. If you intend to relocate, the company will transport the unit to your new residence once you are done with packing. It is a cost-effective way to move your home or office.

How to Hire Portable Storage Containers

Below are some tips to help you when hiring a portable container; 

1. Work with a Reputable Company

One of your primary considerations when choosing a portable storage company is their ability to deliver. Therefore, conduct some internet research or ask for referrals to examine the reputation of various companies in your locality. For instance, do they provide high-quality containers? Old containers may be prone to rust. The company should have skilled and experienced staff. Check their pricing policy and compare it against what other companies have to offer. For long-term hire, do not shy away from negotiating a discount.  

2. Choose a Suitable Size

What do you intend to store? Consider your future storage needs. For instance, choose a large container if you will keep your dirt bike or ATV in the unit during winter. You could either opt for a conventional, refrigerated or climate-controlled storage container. Climate-controlled units are a suitable option if you will store items prone to humid related damage such as furniture, documents, jewellery and paintings. Refrigerated units are ideal for business people that need to store perishable products such as fruits and meats.

3. Storage Insurance

Take a storage insurance cover if your home insurance does not protect goods in storage units. You may also opt for a separate insurance policy if your home insurance has limited coverage. 

Making Use of Storage Space

Below are a few tips to help you pack goods in the portable storage container; 

  • Inspect the items for pests such as termites and cockroaches, and conduct pest treatment to prevent infestation inside the container.
  • Pack your items in labelled boxes and keep an inventory of what each box contains.
  • Dismantled furniture and electronics will occupy less space in the storage container.
  • If you will transport the container, use loading straps to secure the items during transport. 

Portable storage containers are a convenient and cost-effective way to store and move your items. Work with a reputable company, choose a suitable container, consider storage insurance and observe the recommended packing tips. For more information about storage options, speak with a professional.