How to Get Situated Shortly After a Move

Among the most common reasons why people move is their line of work. You may have gotten a new job offer or a transfer to a new location, prompting the need for relocation. Therefore, as part of the moving process, you will need to begin working as soon as possible.

Such a tight schedule can leave you with little time to unpack and get situated. In fact, many people tend to remain with boxes of their personal belongings shoved in the basement or other storage areas. To help you avoid this problem, there are several steps you can take to get yourself situated soon after moving day.   


A stress-free unpacking process begins with packing properly. A good packing strategy is to follow this age-old camping trick: FILO LIFO. This stands for First In, Last Out, and Last In, First Out.

When packing your boxes, put what you'll need first near the top layers of the boxes (within easy reach) and what you'll need last near the bottom layers. For example, kitchen utensils that you'll need for cooking should be placed near the top, while clothes that you don't often wear can occupy bottom layers. In addition, use labels to easily identify what each box contains.

2. Take a look at your new home in advance

A sure way of becoming overwhelmed during a move is by not packing according to your new home. You should have a good idea of what your new home looks like, at which point you can prepare an accurate moving plan in advance.

What should you include in your plan? Start by mapping out where large pieces of furniture will go (such as sofas, tables and appliances). Next, you can place the appropriately labelled boxes into their relevant rooms. For example, all kitchen supplies should be placed in the kitchen, with all bedroom items being placed in their appropriate rooms.

Having everything in the right place as soon as you move in will make the unpacking process easier.

3. Structure your timetable to provide enough time for unpacking

You may find yourself having to work as soon as the next day after you move in. However, this doesn't mean that you should stop unpacking. Make this activity a priority by setting aside a few hours after work on and weekends to put everything in its proper place. In fact, you shouldn't make many commitments before preparing a proper unpacking plan.

For help getting all of your stuff out of your old house and into your new one, contact professional removalists.