Steps to Safely Loading Your Pickup Truck for a Move

Whether you're planning for a short or long-distance move, you'll need a quality truck to safely move your possessions. Pickup trucks are convenient to use for shorter distances and if you don't have too many items to transport. However, you'll need to safely load and unload all your furniture to prevent any damage during transportation. Here are important steps you should follow when loading your furniture into a pickup truck.

1. Check the vehicle's load limits

A common mistake most movers make is to overload their trucks. Pickup trucks often have a limited load limit when on the road. Even before you begin placing your items in the back, check this load limit and make sure you don't exceed the recommended weight. An overloaded truck may be riskier to drive and you may incur extra charges at weighing stations.

2. Position heavy items near the front and sides of the truck

As you begin loading, keep all heavy items near the front end of the truck. Furniture such as couches, tables, books, and other heavy or bulky pieces should be loaded first. In this way, heavy items will remain near the centre of the truck and won't easily shift while driving. Placing these items near the front prevents them from sliding to the back of the truck and affecting your weight distribution. You should also consider placing bulky items near the edges of the truck, because doing so creates more room for you to position smaller items in the centre and save money by not having to make multiple trips.

3. Obtain enough padding to protect your items

The smaller space inside a pickup truck may cause your items to easily scratch and collide with each other. To prevent damage to your furniture, make sure you have enough padding, packing tape, boxes, and blankets. These items help you properly pack and secure delicate furniture against damage. For example, you should have enough padding on the edges of your sofas, and all kitchenware should be wrapped in bubble wrap or packing paper.

4. Load bulky items using a ramp

Another common cause of damage when loading a pickup is not using a ramp. If you simply try to haul heavy items into the truck, they may topple over and fall. Make sure you use a ramp to safely load all bulky items into the truck, after which you can firmly strap them in place. Seek help when loading heavy items such as couches, tables, and dressers.

Contact interstate removal professionals for additional assistance packing, loading up and transporting your items.