How to Survive a Long-Distance House Move

Every year, millions of Australians find themselves facing the prospect of a long-distance move. Whether it's for business or a desire to relocate for retirement, moving between states poses some unique challenges. If you plan in advance, it's possible to overcome some of the logistical challenges you're about to face.

Protect your items against the perils of a long-distance journey

Long-distance journeys naturally expose your household goods and furniture to more knocks and bumps. As such, you need to provide them with adequate protection. Some of the measures you might want to consider include:

  • Bubble wrap, especially for delicate items and those you don't want to scratch.
  • Dust sheets to prevent debris and dirt scratching and staining your furniture.
  • High-quality moving boxes that won't collapse the second you pick them up.

Your packing efforts may take more time than when you move a short distance, but they'll save heartache in the long run. If you don't have time due to work commitments, ask your removalists if they provide a packing service. If you do the job yourself, consider adding in a container or two as an extra layer of protection.

Make sure there's a special space for your essential items

In most cases, a long-distance move will involve you arriving before your goods do. In almost every case you'll find that it takes a while to unpack. To avoid unnecessary stresses, keep essential items with you. From proof of ID through to debit cards and other important documents, consider which pieces of paperwork you don't want to spend forever fishing for and have them by your side. You may also want to pack a few outfits for each household member, stock medications appropriately, and pack family-friendly items to keep the kids happy. Having the essentials to hand will prevent your levels of frustration from mounting as you scrabble for them.

Plan your ideal moving window in advance

If you're moving into a condo, apartment block, or a home that shares a driveway, plan your moving in window promptly. Asking your neighbours if there's a time when it's convenient to use the drive allows you to establish a good relationship with them from the start. Similarly, the use of lifts in condos and apartment blocks usually requires prior-agreement from the site manager. Helping your removalists overcome such challenges before the big day prevents unnecessary delays and charges.

If you feel lost at any point during your long-distance removal efforts, ask your removal company for guidance.