Furniture Removals – Essential Packing and Storage Tips

Relocating may be exhilarating, more so if it is opening up new opportunities in your life for you. However, despite the excitement of new beginnings, you still have to contend with wrapping things up with your old home. Hiring furniture removalists is the best way to go about this, as it will ease the stress of moving your belongings from the old house to the new home. But if you will be putting some of your furniture into storage, you need to be savvy about how to do it. Failure to properly pack and stash away your furniture increases the risk of irreparable damage, and you may not be able to use your furniture once you take it out of storage. Fortunately, the following tips can come in handy when packing and storing your furniture pieces.

Embark on repairs before packing

You may be thinking that furniture repairs will be unnecessary if the pieces are going into storage but this is a misassumption. Despite the fact that the pieces will not be in use, leaving seemingly innocuous damage son your furniture pieces increases the chances of the damage becoming aggravated severely with time.

Bear in mind that when in storage the furniture pieces could be stacked over each other and the vertical weight could cause for example a loose furniture leg to break off completely. It is imperative that any repairs such as tightening of fasteners, replacing broken parts and so on are carried out before you put your furniture into long-term storage.

Engage in thorough cleaning

Another step that is often overlooked when it comes to putting furniture into long-term storage is cleaning the pieces. However, failure to do so increases the chances of permanent staining and severe discolouration, which would depreciate the appeal of your items. Furniture items that have upholstery need particular care as any grime left on the fabric will seep into the fibres of the fabric and become permanent. Additionally, any substances that may be on the surface of timber could steadily become absorbed into the wood and sacrifice its integrity.

However, it not just about cleaning the furniture then putting the pieces into storage. You should also make sure that the items have thoroughly dried or you increase the chances of mould and rot to develop while your things are in storage. To be on the safe side, call a professional furniture cleaning company to carry this task out for you so that you store your pieces in pristine condition.