5 Ways to Hang Up Clothing in a Storage Unit Without Modifying the Unit

If you're storing clothing in a 24 hour self storage unit, you may not want to fold the clothing and put it in a box. However, if the storage facility doesn't allow you to modify the unit, you may be wondering how you can hang up your clothes. Luckily, there are lots of ways to create hanging storage without drilling into the wall or making other permanent changes to the unit. Check out these ideas.

1. Wardrobe Box

A wardrobe box is a moving box designed specifically for hanging clothing. It is a cardboard box with a rod that runs from side to side on the top. You can find these at any moving or shipping supplies shop, and some storage units sell boxes as well.

Alternatively, make your own wardrobe box. Just poke a PVC pipe through the sides of a large cardboard box. Attach end caps to the piping outside the box to hold the rod in place.

2. Rods Between Shelves

If you are bringing in metal shelves to hold other items, you can create a makeshift space for hanging clothes between them. Grab a tension rod, a dowel, an old curtain rod or a similar item. Place two shelving units against the wall in your storage unit and leave a space between them that is slightly narrower than your rod. Finally, put in the rod so each of its ends is resting on a shelf.

3. Tension Rods

In small storage lockers, tension rods can work perfectly. You just extend the rod so that it is touching opposite sides of the locker. Then, you lock it in place and hang your clothes on it. If you like, you can protect your clothing from dust by covering it with bin liners or plastic sheeting.

4. A Ladder

You can also create hanging storage with a ladder. Set up the ladder in a convenient spot in your self storage unit. Then, put clothing on hangers on the ladder rungs. Put shirts, kids' clothing and other small items on the middle to bottom rungs and save the top rungs for trench coats, dresses and other long items.

5. DIY Closet

With just a few items, you can easily make your own DIY closet. You need a tall shelf with the shelves removed. If you don't have one, you can often find inexpensive, used laminate shelves. Then, you simply hang a rod inside the shelving unit. Now, you have an open sided closet to hang clothing in.