Five odd things you'll need for your move

 Packing for a move calls for plenty of tape, boxes and bubble wrap. But there are a few other tools that can take some of the stress out of your move -- and some of them you might not have considered until now:


From televisions to desktop computers, moving electronics can be a challenge. Remembering which cable goes where isn't easy at the best of times, let alone amid the stress of a move. Take reference photos for comparison before you move. When you arrive, you can simply reconstruct your systems based on the pictures you have. 

Stretchy plastic film

A large roll of plastic film is an inexpensive way to prepare your belongings for moving. Cover fragile furniture in blankets or mats, then wrap them tightly in plastic film. You can also use the film to seal drawers closed or add an extra layer of protection to moving boxes. 

Bin bags

If you don't want to pack every piece of clothing in your wardrobe -- for instance, if you're just moving a short distance -- you can use a simple expedient. Push clothes together, still on their hangers, and slide the bag over them from beneath. Fasten the bag around the neck of the hangers and you have an easy, if not exactly elegant, protector for your clothes. Be careful, though; some removal services prefer to take only items stored in boxes. 

Wine cases

Supermarkets and other shops use cardboard wine carriers to make it easy to carry multiple bottles. They're also an easy way to transport your glassware safely. Pick up a few of these -- if you're on good terms with your wine merchant, you may even be able to borrow some -- and use them to protect glassware and jars. For added padding, you can even put spare socks over the tops of glasses to help protect them from breaking. 

Clear plastic boxes

Cardboard boxes are the cheapest and simplest way to pack your books, clothes and other small items for moving. For some things, though, you'll want to use clear plastic storage boxes. Packing everything in these boxes isn't cost-effective, but they make a great way to transport things that you'll need to unpack first, such as the all-important kettle. You'll be able to identify what you need at a glance and the different appearance of the boxes will make them easy to find among the piles. 

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