Preparation tips for moving furniture

When you're moving home, packing and transporting furniture is one of the biggest challenges. You can take away a lot of the work by hiring a qualified furniture removal firm, but even before move day, there's a lot you can do to simplify the process. Packing and preparing your furniture properly will make the move go as quickly as possible. 

Take it apart 

If you have furniture that can be broken down into pieces, do so in advance. Unscrew table legs and dismantle bed frames; remove shelves from bookshelves and cupboards. Place screws and bolts in plastic bags and tape them securely to the piece of furniture so that you don't wind up hunting for them after you arrive. Wrap legs and shelves together with plastic film to make sure they don't get separated. If you don't want to empty and pack drawers individually, empty the contents into plastic bags and label them with the location of the drawer they came from. You can even keep drawers in place by wrapping the whole piece of furniture with plastic film to secure them. 

Wrap it securely 

You can use old blankets to wrap tabletops and other furniture for moving. The soft padding will ensure they don't sustain any accidental scuffs or scratches during transportation. If you need a lot of padding, you can buy or hire special moving blankets. Once you've wrapped the furniture in its protective pad, make sure it stays in place by wrapping the whole item in a stretchy plastic film. It's not expensive, the wrapping only takes a moment, and the result will be a piece of furniture that's much easier to move. 

Clear a path 

When packing, think carefully about the order in which you want to load your furniture onto the moving van. It's tempting to load furniture first, getting the most difficult items out of the way. However, moving padded, wrapped furniture out through a maze of cardboard moving boxes can be a challenge -- after all, mattresses and sofas can be tough to get down stairs and through doors at the best of times. If you're going to load boxes after furniture, make sure that you've relocated enough boxes to clear an open route to the van. 

Moving furniture will always take a certain amount of effort and time. By preparing and planning in advance, though, you can cut down on the stress of moving day. 

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