Moving with Moggy: What to do with Your Cat when Moving House (Especially when Hiring Removalists)

Moving house is stressful for humans, but just imagine how stressful it is for your cat. Cats are notoriously sensitive when it comes to their habitat and regard any kind of change with an unhealthy amount of suspicion, especially when it is in their domain. If you are planning a move, you should also consider drawing up plans to make the move a little easier on your cat.

If you are hiring a removalist to help you shift your things from A to B, and don't want your cat or cats to be scared out of their wits, consider the following options.

Put Your Cat into a Cattery

A reputable and professional team of removalists usually consists of at least three strong individuals. A cat or two on the loose in your house is good for neither of these parties and will only result in slowing down the moving process. Before moving day, research reputable catteries close to your new home, and arrange for your cat to stay there on moving day. Once the move is complete, you can pick up your cat the next day.

Keep your Cat in the Basement or Attic

While your movers are carrying heavy items of furniture from your house to the moving truck, the last thing they need is for a scared cat to be tripping them up. This can lead to accidents and breakages. Place your cat in the attic or basement and ensure you provide them with enough water and food while you concentrate on moving your things.

Transport Your Cat in a Carrier Afterwards

Once you and your removalists have packed your things into the truck, place your cat into a pet carrier and transport them with you in your car. Bear in mind, however, that the whole process must be repeated once more at your new home, so be sure to prepare a room in advance of your arrival. Choose a room upstairs, preferably the attic, to ensure that your movers don't accidentally enter the room whilst moving your things.

While it isn't nice to have to shut your cats away while you move house, the alternative would be much more stressful. Before moving day, if you plan to keep your cat in the house during the move, ensure you inform your removalist of the situation. That way, there will be no chance of them accidentally letting your cat out as they move through your house.

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